6 slices of monkfish
6 slices of hake
6 prawns
6 crayfish
squid rings
fish and seafood you want.

Make Sauce "romesco"
12 almonds toasted
10 hazelnuts
1 head of garlic
5 of romesco peppers or 2pimientos
2 ripe tomatoes
1 cup olive oil.
Salt and pepper
½ cup of vinegar
1 slice of fried bread
1trocito of pepper (if desired)


It makes the sauce "romesco" as the recipe indicates, the day before or as long as soon as possible, to make it more palatable.
It cleans all fish and shellfish are the salt and parsley check
It is grilled or barbecued and served on a tray decorated
As a guide, you put a piece of each type of fish for each diner.

They put in the oven to roast head of garlic, the peppers (just burn) and tomatoes.
Fry the bread
In the mortar crush the almonds, hazelnuts, bread, roasted garlic, tomatoes and peppers peppers or special, all previously stripped.
After the mortar is added the vinegar and oil. He puts the salt and pepper and let stand at least 3 hours (the oil is poured him with a fine tip oilers and very slowly, so that links a little or take consistency).
After the rest period is passed by the Chinese and served in a sauce boat.

Note: This is best done the day before, because the longer you are made more palatable it is. The chilli is optional. The special for the romesco peppers are easy to get in Catalonia, some peppers are elongated and round tip, which are dried in the sun and are more aromatic and softer than the peppers