Mar de Laxe :: Introduction

Port of Laxe general viewMardelaxe is a fishing tourism project that aims to dynamize and promote the fishing sector in the port of Laxe. It is a clear bid for the sustainable progression of fishing activity through responsible fishing conduct and measures adopted within the sector. This will serve to recover the self-esteem in a profession that, over recent years, has lost some of the dignity that it deserves.

The expansion of the project will directly depend on the contributions made by the sector, and as such its success will be guaranteed if we can get the fishing sector totally involved in its implementation.

The values we must work towards are those that will allow us to make reasonable use of marine resources, with a view to guaranteeing its yields over the years, and so that future generations may benefit from a future filled with hope so they won't need to venture far from home in search of their livelihood.

Mardelaxe aims to be a communication channel between general society and the fishing sector, so that together we may set off on a path that will allow us to live respecting the environment that surrounds us.