Past Memories :: Introduction

 Port of Laxe old sightRecovering past memories is an initiative we are launching to preserve our sociocultural heritage. We believe that for the development of our fishing community it is extremely important to be aware of our origins to be able to look towards the future.

We mustn't forget that all that we know today we owe to our elders who through great hardship came to learn the ups and downs of a life at sea.

Those old fishermen bear the essence of our seas, and it is our duty to maintain that essence through time and preserve their teachings so they may endure through the years and serve as a guide for future generations. These generations will be called upon to preserve and consolidate fishing activity in the port of Laxe.

For this reason any effort made to preserve this rich heritage is insignificant considering it will enable our future to live on without forgetting our past, in what is becoming an increasingly more modern society.