The Fishing Association :: Introduction

The Fishing Association buildingThe Fishing Association of Laxe develops extensive organisation and consultation services for the fishing sector, providing the relevant authorities with the necessary measures to carry out sustainable fishing that respects the marine environment.

As well as this, on a daily basis, the relevant administrative authorities work to ensure that fishermen are able to carry out their duties. The relevant applications are made so that from The Port Authority at A Coruña all the obligatory inspections are passed to enable the boats to go out to fish.

Currently the Chairman is D. José Manuel Barcia Mira, who was elected in the 2009 elections.

The Vice Chairman is D. José Luis Arias Vázquez and assistant Vice Chairman D. Miguel Toja Lema.

Today the Fishing Association counts with approximately 150 members - fishing and seafood pickers. It has close to 50 boats, 3 of which are motorised and the rest with smaller nets.

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