The Fishing Blue Book :: Introduction

The seaThe Fishing Blue Book will be a document that will gather all the measures provided by the fishing sector of the port of Laxe to achieve sustainable fishing, which will be the path we will follow during the coming years so that our profession has more hope for the future.

During the next few months we will begin work on its creation. Our first point of call will be to get in touch with the different sectors represented within the Laxe Fishing Association, with the aim of putting together a work plan that will serve as a guide for the duration of this project, and aid in the creation of a document that will help put together the Fishing Blue Book.

Once the document has been drawn up it will be made available to all the participating sectors who will then have to give their majority approval on its final content, this way the Fishing Blue Book of Laxe Fishing Association may be created.

All work carried out during the creation of the Fishing Blue Book will be posted on the Mardelaxe Project page, in this manner the document will serve as a reference for all other sectors from the beginning of its creation.