Gastronomy :: FISH OPERETTA


½ kg or monkfish
½ kg of hake
½ kg of squid into rings
6 large shrimp or prawns
6 crayfish
16 mussels
2 large onions
½ tomato sauce
olive oil
2 cloves of garlic and parsley
Salt and pepper
1 glass white wine
1 glass small brandy
6 almonds
2 glasses fish stock


Put salt to seafood and fish fry lightly with very hot oil reserves in the pot, we will use.
The mussels are cleaned and put steamed open. The water reserves and the mussels are placed in the pot as the other fish.

Squid are flour and fried. Are reserved.
The fry finely chopped onions in same oil had fried fish. When it begins to brown add the tomatoes, wine and brandy. Is irreducible.
Is added to the pan the fish broth and the mussels and correcting salt and pepper, leaving it boil 10 minutes.

When you are ready to be cast in a sorites casserole on fish, squid and shellfish.
Crushed in a mortar the almonds, garlic and parsley. They also check on the fish.

It puts it all together and simmer for 10 minutes and then broil in oven 5 minutes (in a preheated oven).