Gastronomy :: CREAM TURBO


1kg fillet of turbot
2 egg yolks
½ cup cream
1 chorrecito Jerez
1 cup fish stock
Salt and pepper


Pour the broth, a pinch of salt and sherry in a pan to fit the fillets without breaking and bring to a boil.

Lightly poached turbot fillets, introducing water and cook for a few minutes left.
Place the fillets in a shallow baking dish.
In a bowl, mix the cornstarch with the egg yolks and gradually and stirring constantly, add the broth from the cooking of fish casting.

Add the cream to the bowl, mix well, season and pour over the fish fillets.
Place in the preheated oven for 7 minutes at 220 degrees.

Variations and tips: to accompany this dish can be served garlic bread and a green salad