500g boneless mackerel.
600g red onion "of Liébana"
1 head of garlic
2 bay leaves and salt.
100CL of apple cider vinegar
100CL white wine
300cl of extra virgin olive oil
higago duck (foie)


Put the onion, garlic and bay leaves with some oil.
Put a little salt and thus cover the backs of mackerel Despina, cooling in the refrigerator 2 hours. Separating the pickled onions 200g well drained.

Laminar 200g marinated mackerel meat, the remaining onion, oil and garlic. Blend well with mixer, strain and reserve as sauce cake.

Marinate 300g fresh duck liver with Porto, salt and pepper for several hours. Then wrap in plastic wrap and bake 20 minutes steam at 45 º. Finally, chill well and let sit in refrigerator. A couple of hours.
Put 100g of apple Gelain heat to heat.

PRESENTATION: with the chilled foie laminar two pieces in No. 7 of slicers (thin slices) and put them in the database. Cover with apple jelly and put on that red onion 100g drained and tight. Put on 200g onions marinated mackerel and this, more red onion 100g drained. Cover with the second plate of foie gras and cover everything with apple jelly. Serve with reserved sauce from the marinade pie.