Gastronomy :: BREAM ALBARD


1 bream (between 1 ½ and 2 kilos)
100 g of pork loin
50 g of ham
12 pitted olives
1 boiled egg
2 thin slices of bacon
1 lemon (juice)


Sea bream flake, cleans and removes the spine, keeping the head.

Salted and sprinkled with the juice of half a lemon. Chop fine loin, ham, olives and boiled egg. Seasoned with salt and pepper and sea bream stuffed with this hash.

Then sewn and wrapped in thin slices of bacon, tied and placed on the grill, letting it roast at high heat so that the bacon is consumed soon. (be careful that the fish does not burn.)

Breaks out the bacon and then sprayed again fish with lemon juice and served in ornate fountain with boiled potatoes and red peppers.