Gastronomy :: CIDER TUNA


1kg of tuna
1 egg yolk
½ lemon
1 large onion
2 cloves of garlic
1 dl tomato sauce
1 dl of fish stock
Cider 1dl
olive oil


Cut the tuna into small pieces not large (preferably less done) ... can also be cut into slices.

Marinate the tuna with lemon juice about 15 minutes.

After this time, drying, seasoning and flour tuna. Put some oil in a skillet to fry the tuna on both sides (if there has been sliced​​) has been made tacos, be a bit raw in the middle.

Fry in a pan with olive oil on both sides, back and forth, and set aside.

Then saute the garlic and onion and add two chopped tomato sauce.

Crush in a mortar the egg yolk with a few leaves of parsley and a little cider.

Add the sofrito previous, next to the fish stock and the rest of the cider.

Place the tuna in a casserole with the sauce. Simmer 15 minutes, stirring occasionally.

Malic acid appears containing the cider is a powerful diuretic that activates the function of the kidneys and prevents the buildup of uric acid, apparently cider drinkers are less prone to ailments such as gout and kidney stones.