Past Memories :: Initiatives

Project for reliving past memories

TinoloDuring the first few months of 2008 we launched one of the most important initiatives of the Mardelaxe project.

This initiative consisted in reliving past memories from the port of Laxe through past experiences of fishermen of the time who dedicated their lives to this profession or that still work in it today.

To carry out this task we counted with the help of a group of researchers from the University of A Coruña who collected all types of material during several months aimed at putting together a history of fishing at Laxe port over the years

This memory is the base for a publication that will be launched during the next few months. Its principal objective is to make the public aware of what fishing was like in the port of Laxe in the past, through the memories of our fishermen, so that this memory may live on and serve as a guide for the future.