Past Memories :: The Begining of the Brotherhood


Laxe antiguoIn 1924 he founded the second company that brought together both sailors and shipowners of ships based in the fishing port of Laxe. Initially there were 200 members who pay an initial fee of 5 pesetas in real input and two month. The founder of the "positive" what is now Spain fishermen's associations, was Alfredo Saralegue, Lieutenant Commander of the Navy.
The first installations that were covered with money was raised around the town of Laxe. They bought about 500 square meters which cost 250 pesetas from then on, when passed in 1926.

Pósito School in 1920In Buenos Aires all the emigrants gathered for formal Laxe the "Company Laxe Neighborhood," with what they gave their money. The president of this group was founded in 1926 Victorino Fraga.
Soon after in 1931, sold a portion of the land for 500 pesetas to form a cooperative for the market of tar, hooks, "linas" and other articles related to fishing. The cooperative did not work and lost money and materials.
Also in 1931, opened the first installations of "positive", consisting of a partner school for children, staffed by a teacher paid by the Social Marine Institute, which is called "maritime orientation." Also opened an office.
The "positive Pescadores" was renamed "Fishermen's Association" and the president became known as "larger pattern." The first, in the year 36, was José Devesa Calvete.

lonja pescadoNine years later, at 45, began operating the auction directly controlled by the brotherhood, who received 3 percent of the value of the fish auction. The fishing destinations were Laxe Corunna, sales to mills salting (Laxe had 5 factories throughout history), preserved, with a factory between the years 1935-44, and the sale to ladies in the square, which then distributed on foot through the towns of the region.