The Fishing Association :: History

They have centuries of history

SeafarerThe majority of shore fishermen are linked to fishing associations.

These associations, with centuries of history continue to be the main representatives of fishermen.

The creation of these associations (Seafarer's Guilds) that date back to the XIV Century have helped fishermen manage coastal resources and to defend themselves collectively.

Nearly all the coastal towns of Galicia belonged to a Seafarer's Guild.

These associations exercised a strong control over fishing methods, especially the earliest and more aggressive ones. During those times a period of compulsory rest was also established at weekends "semana inglesa" in order to reduce the impact on fishing.

They intervened when outsiders came to the Galician coasts, especially Basque, Portuguese and Cantabrians, and the French and Basque whalers who used our beaches to prepare the whales they captured here.