The Fish Market :: Controls

The Fish MarketThe managing body for Laxe fish market is the Fishermen's Association. Via them great efforts are made for maintaining the necessary conditions to guarantee the maximum quality of the products that are sold on a daily basis.

Laxe fish market meets all of the necessary requisites to guarantee safe fish handling, has the corresponding sanitary Certificate and is registered in he Register of Seafood companies.

LabelOn a health level, the market has a pest control plan in place (D.D.D), as well as a hygiene system A.P.P.C.C.

For Laxe fish market to run a perfect operation, a series of periodic inspections take place by Public Health Inspectors and Services for Fisheries Inspections.

Our objective is to make people aware that consuming our products is different to consuming products originating from other markets. These may have cheaper prices the majority of the time, but their quality will also be inferior to those captured by our fishermen.