The Fish Market :: Times

Sales take place daily Monday to Friday from 17:00 h.

Goose barnacles are sold 10 days a month, except in the months of may, June and October, when it is banned. Goose barnacle sales start at 16:00 h.

The sales of the rest of the seafood (spider crab, brown crab, zool crab, slipper lobster, lobster, clawed lobster, razor clam) are carried out during specific periods allocated for their sale and start at 16:30 hours.

Anyone can come to the daily auction, but they must follow some small rules to guarantee the market's smooth operation.

- You may not raise your voice during the auction, as it is a live auction and buyers must be able to hear the auctioneer at all times,

- You must not stand in the area by the auction tables, as this will impair the buyers vision of the products.

- You may not directly buy any fish or seafood, unless the buyer is authorised to do this.

- You must follow all health and hygiene rules established for all those that handle fish or seafood inside the market, such as not touching, eating, drinking, spitting or smoking inside the fish market area.