Guided Tours :: Tours by the sea

CapeThese tours through the port can be complemented with a guided tour by the sea, consisting of a one hour boat tour through Laxe estuary.

The visitor will have a completely different view point, as they will be able to enjoy the land from the sea, enabling them to discover the most beautiful areas of our estuary, the lighthouses of Corme and Laxe, the rock named ?Cabeza del Indio?, as well as the main rocks from where goose barnacles from Laxe are extracted. Some of these rocks hold numerous mysteries and legends that will surprise.

The tour ends with the sampling of typical produce from our sea in ?Casa do Pescador? a traditional bar in the port where the fishermen of Laxe habitually get together.
As well as this, if parents wish, they can leave their children in our fun school during the tour. This way they can enjoy themselves knowing that their children will be having fun taking part in a variety of activities.

To arrange a Tour by the Sea contact the Fishing Association on (+34) 981 728 100, or by email or under the BOOKING section that you will find here.