Mar de Laxe :: Aims

Porto de LaxeThe Mardelaxe Project was born through the Fishing Association of Laxe, through the search in the sector to find alternatives to complement the fishing industry. Mardelaxe aims to reduce the impact on fisheries that day to day are experiencing a reduction in species that are captured by our floats.

Presentation of the Mardelaxe Project in Oslo, NorwayThe reduction in the capture of main commercial species is very worrying when looking at the economic sustainability of the fishing sector of the port of Laxe in the short term. For this reason, the sector itself is imposing the execution of new projects that will provide solutions to this situation, as there will be grave consequences if it continues this way over the coming years.

Mariñeiros en plena faenaIn this manner, the Mardelaxe project aims to provide solutions that give hope to the future of the fishing sector, dynamizing and promoting the sector through marine tourism activities.

The promotion of the fishing sector aims to allow society to have a more in depth vision of the fishermen of the port of Laxe, highlighting social, economic, environmental and cultural aspects, etc.

Grupo de xente atendendo ás explicaciónsThe essence of what the fishing sector of the port of Laxe represents aims to reach all areas of the world, so that our community will be known beyond our frontiers.

The development of the project means a radical change with regards to traditional fishing activity, given that it incorporates initiatives that have never been employed before, although that are totally compatible with the industry's professional activity.

Inauguración do Proxecto Mardelaxe, a cargo da Conselleira de Pesca, Dna. Carmen GallegoOur fishing community's sociocultural heritage has always played a secondary role, despite its importance, and has always been overshadowed by the fishing activity itself. It is our duty to recover it, promote it and nurture it so that future generations may continue this work with the objective of preserving it through time.

The participation of the sector itself positively enriches our project. They are the best source of inspiration to guarantee its continuity over time and to consolidate it in a definite manner in the fishing community.